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Performance: generate web traffic load using a powershell script

The other day, I found myself wanting a quick and dirty way to throw a controlled amount of load against a server for the purpose of tuning some thread settings.  What I wanted was to simulate varying numbers of concurrent … Continue reading

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Solved: Invoke a cygwin script from an asp.net web application and stream the output to the browser in real time

For back-end system monitoring like log analysis, I frequently use cygwin scripts to process data.  These tools are often useful for diagnosing issues or checking whether a problem could be specific to one server in a pool.  I’ve wanted to … Continue reading

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Kick off a Cygwin script from a windows bat file with a different working directory

I recently created a script that would pull the Tomcat log files from a group of web servers and then run my 95th percentile awk script to generate a summary of response times for the 100 most popular pages.  I … Continue reading

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