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A powershell script for running reverse lookups on many IP addresses at once

I often find myself looking at web logs when researching anomalous traffic on our servers.  It’s not uncommon for a poorly written web scraper to come through the system and generate spurious errors, and I start looking at what IP … Continue reading

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Use powershell to run a command against all instances in a memcached cluster

We are in the process of deploying memcached in one of our applications to server as a flexible, lightweight distributed cache.  I’ve been familiar with the technology for years, but this was my first time to be able to directly … Continue reading

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Performance: generate web traffic load using a powershell script

The other day, I found myself wanting a quick and dirty way to throw a controlled amount of load against a server for the purpose of tuning some thread settings.  What I wanted was to simulate varying numbers of concurrent … Continue reading

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