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Performance: An awk script for computing 95th percentile times straight from web log files (IIS, Tomcat)

When analyzing performance, looking at 95th percentile response times is one of the most useful metrics.  While the average can be a good indicator, it can be heavily skewed by lots of small requests or a few extremely long ones.  … Continue reading

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Performance Tuning: Visualize your web log performance data using Excel scatter plots

I’ve written previously about how to turn on time-taken values in web logs for IIS, Tomcat, and Apache.  Armed with time-taken data, you can identify which are the slow pages in your system and decide where to focus your performance … Continue reading

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Performance Tuning Tip: Turn on time-taken in your web logs (IIS, Apache, Tomcat) to identify performance hot spots

Everyone knows that the web logs generated by web servers like IIS, Apache, and Tomcat (JBOSS / Catalina) are a well-known goldmine of information.  They allow you to track site usage, find content errors, gather browser statistics, and all sorts … Continue reading

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