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The Two Pocket Problem: How My iPhone Survived a Year Riding in a Pocket With My Keys

Put this in the category of “first world problems”. Back in the days before cell phones, men generally had two things on them at all times: a wallet and a set of keys. Since most men don’t consider it socially … Continue reading

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HTML Shortcut: Dynamically populate a select list drop down when it is first clicked

e were recently making some modifications to a configuration options page.  The page was set up a type of table, where each record had its own row, and each column represented a different type of data that could be edited.  … Continue reading

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Movie of Rafael’s First Year

Just as we did for Ayelet when she turned one, we have created a short (approximately 20 minute) movie with photos and videos that trace Rafael’s first year, starting from just before he was born until his first birthday.  Along … Continue reading

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