Windows 7 channels Windows Vista with endless “Do you want to save” security boxes. Just copy them dammit!

I had thought that in Windows 7 Microsoft had fixed the endless security warning dialog boxes that used to constantly show up in Windows Vista.

Today I’m trying to use a freeware text editor, but rather than having a normal installer, it is just a cabinet file with everything in a single directory.  I’m trying to extract it into a folder for easier use, and as it copes the approximately 30 .ini files, EVERY SINGLE ONE prompts me with this stupid message:


Given that I am not actually overwriting a .ini file, the harm should be pretty limited.  But okay, Windows is just trying to warn me.

But couldn’t it at least give me a “do not show this message again” box, or at least an “apply to all” box?  Instead, I have to hit the button for each and every one them.

Please, just copy them, dammit!

Brings back the memories of the Mac / Windows commerical about the annoying security dialogs in Vista:..


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