Movie of Rafael’s First Year

Just as we did for Ayelet when she turned one, we have created a short (approximately 20 minute) movie with photos and videos that trace Rafael’s first year, starting from just before he was born until his first birthday.  Along the way, it covers many important milestones, including his birth, his brit milah, his first food, and his first steps.

To view the video full screen, click in the bottom right of the video on the button with the four arrows.

We wanted to focus the video specifically on Rafael, since Ayelet has a first year video that focuses just on her.  However, it has been an important year for the rest of the family too, so we have a second video that traces the year for the whole family.  There is a small amount of overlap with Rafael’s video, but by and large it contains different material.  It is also around 20 minutes.

If you’d like to see the video of Ayelet’s first year or the family video from last year, you can view them here.

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