How Twitter saved my credit card

Once again, staying active on Twitter has paid off. This time, it saved my credit card.

For a few days between Christmas and New Year’s, my wife and I took a short trip to New York City while the kids visited with their grandparents. We mostly stayed in Brooklyn, touring various neighborhoods and sampling the excellent restaurants.

On our last night, we had a fabulous dinner at Zizi Limona, a Mediterranean-themed restaurant in the Williamsburg area. The menu was extremely creative, giving an authentic yet unique spin on Mediterranean cuisine. We also had a great time chatting with our waiter, Ben, who discussed the composition of each of the dishes and what we should make sure not to miss.

Part of the decor of the restaurant was a wall of Mediterranean products, like zaatar spice, tahina, and so forth. My wife loves cooking and couldn’t help herself from exploring the shelf and grabbed a few things to buy to take back home.

As we were wrapping up our check, we talked to Ben about what we were buying and mentioned that we had decided not to get the pomegranate syrup since they probably would not let us on the plane with it the next day. He asked where we were going, and when he heard we were flying back to Rochester, NY to pick up our kids, we had a whole conversation about the city. It turns out he had spent some time dancing with Garth Fagan Dance and had lived there for a while.

After we paid, we grabbed an Uber back to our hotel, about 15 minutes away. As we rode, I caught up on Twitter on my phone and was surprised to see myself mentioned in a post just a few minutes earlier:

Yep, I had somehow managed to leave my credit card with the receipt when we left. I must be slipping in my old age. We asked the driver to turn around and take us back to the restaurant.

When I arrived, the staff were very excited to see me. They became very worried when they realized I had left my credit card, since they knew we were flying out the next afternoon. So, they plugged the name on the credit card into Google to see if they could find a way to reach me.

“Man, you are all over the internet,” they told me. As I have found before, having a hyphenated name makes it very easy to Google me, and this has come in very useful in the past as well.

One of the staff members had a Twitter account, so they tried reaching out to me there. And sure enough, it worked.

Had they not done this, I would have been in for a major headache. True enough, I surely would not have discovered the card was missing until the following day. They don’t open until 5pm on weekdays, and it would have been too late.

Thank you, Ben and Bastien!

And if you find yourself in Brooklyn, definitely try Zizi Limona.  It’s great food, and the staff is awesome.

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1 Response to How Twitter saved my credit card

  1. KPhillips says:

    Now that’s customer service. People need to realize Social Networking is the most popular connection nowadays. People who rebel by not using the service so they’re not riding the “bandwagon” don’t realize how much they are being disadvantaged in this new world by going against new technology. I’m glad you found your card & had such a wonderful experience. Even better that you shared it. Thanks for the post.

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